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As a mother of three young daughters, I find it very important for fitness to be fun for moms. Running and yoga are my passions, and I strongly believe in multi-tasking! So what better way to do two IMPORTANT things at once than getting a workout in while spending time with your baby? 


Stroller Pump's goal is to be a physical, mental and social outlet for local mothers. Moms need exercise to stay strong, healthy, and, most importantly, to de-stress. Stroller Pump will provide a great full-body workout, with special exercises tailored to the pre- and postnatal body. Motherhood is a huge role, and we all need a little support now and then. Every mother deserves to feel fit, healthy & happy!


I hope to see you strolling soon,


Anne Emson

Stroller Fitness Trainer

ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Pre and Postnatal Fitness Certification


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